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Beorn was born in the North. His first musical memory was hearing the Beatle’s “Help” playing on everybodies radios shortly before the migration south. His first interest was folk music, the music of another generation, played by family members. {He was once branded a closet folkie but felt it was a complement.]
1973: Bowie’s “Aladin Sane”; a turning point. He still remembers his first time hearing it, hearing music made for him,not the music for others that they strummed, but music with colour and meaning aimed at his generaton. Where did it come from? Who where these people Bowie name-dropped as influences. Pop,Reed,Warhol,Brel and Brecht? Pinups gave a rough map to follow and of he went.
Music lovers of a certain era can be split into to groups; those that argue about whether the Stones or the Beatles where the best band out of England in the 60’s?and those that know the Who where the best. When asked his stance he replied that he soon realised he fell into the later camp, loving their live interaction and improvisation. He added that this was the common thred in all music he had enjoyed subsequently, a pushing of the musical boundaries and willingness to take risks.
43 years later join him to see what that journey covered and where it is still heading.
Desert Island discs:
David Bowie-Hunky Dory ( only album he ever worn out and replaced, TWICE.)
The Band-Stage Fright
The Who-Meaty Big and Bouncy
Roxy Music-Viva
Sensational Alex Harvey Band-Live
Elvis Costello-This Years Model
Joni Mitchell-Shadows and Light
Lou Reed/John Cale-Songs for Drella
Don Cherry-Brown Rice
Sun Ra-Jazz in Silhouette

The present day music fan refuses to die !